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"We are passionate about seeing transformation in our day to day lives as we understand how much God loves us. We want to be a community that cares about each other and helps one another to flourish as we each express the unique way God created us." - Faith Merriweather, Youth Leader



Sunday Mornings:

On a Sunday morning we stay in the main service until 11:20am before going to the Upper Room. If you are 11 to 16 years old then come and join us as we explore together who God says we are. 

You are a LIMITLESS generation. He is a LIMITLESS God. Together we are LIMITLESS.


Faith Merriweather - Youth Leader

Faith studied Psychology at the University of Glasgow before making the move to the South of England to volunteer with a local charity, Azalea. She has previously been involved in children and youth ministry and now works part-time as our Youth Leader.


She is passionate about young people growing up knowing that they are secure in God and discovering for themselves the unconditional love He has for them. 

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