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Worship Team
(Most of them!)

     "Worship and seeking God’s presence has always been at the heart of City Church and this year we're aspiring to go even deeper. The whole  team, Leaders, singers and our tech team remain excited about God is doing in City Church.
Our desire is that musical worship continues to be a key pillar of our family and that our worship brings Jesus joy! We want City Church to be a church that is known for the presence of God, and a place where God meets with His children in a real and transforming way." 


  It is important that we continue growing and this year we will focus on three key areas based on


“Sing to Him a new song; play skillfully and shout for joy.”

Psalm 33:3


We regularly bring new songs to the church and sometimes write new songs that are specific to our journey. But singing a new song is more than that – everyday we have something new to thank God for and His praises should always be on our lips.

Having a heart for worship and a desire for service is always more important than musical ability – but it does help if we are in tune, have a bit of rhythm and are not a distraction so we all seek to keep on improving both our technical abilities and our boldness when we lead worship.

Our worship should be filled with joy and this year we want to bring more praise back to the house, focusing on who He is and the awesomeness of God."

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