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Prayer Ministry Team

Our Prayer and Ministry Team is headed up by Mike and Fiona Richards. Mike is also one of the elders here at City Church.
The Richards' emphasis is to cultivate a dwelling place of the Father's presence, moving from visitation into habitation. They seek to work not by might, nor by power, but through the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Fiona & Mike Richards

"Although our heart's desire is to encourage every member of the church body to be involved in prayer, healing and prophecy, particularly during our Sunday morning services, the team works to serve and cover those receiving ministry during our meetings and conferences."
   "Our fantastic team consists of individuals who have participated in further practical training, people who we trust, who we recognise the anointing of God upon and those who move naturally in the supernatural. We are so grateful to God and for the willingness of those who serve on team for the breakthroughs and healings we see at City Church."

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