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Messages from Rev. Clive Corfield - Senior Pastor​



Clive continues on the team of being children of God and how that affects our daily lives. This time giving more of an emphasis on the Glory of God.


He takes a look at how when we align with the will and purpose and glory of God there will be something revealed, and even greater Glory in eternity. Clive shares how in God there are different seasons as well that God operates in. Sometimes we see God move miraculously but then other times we don't as well. 

Sons of Glory - Clive Corfield

Clive expands on the topic from last week on being Heirs of the Father, which was a bit more emphatic. This week he talks about being Sons of God.


What that looks like and how we can walk it through. How when we stand on the rock that is Christ it enables us to embrace God as Father.

Sons of God Pt. 1 - Clive Corfield
Sons of God Pt. 2 - Clive Corfield

Pastor Clive brings an emphatic message based on the idea that God wants to present himself through you and I and gives us a look at that through the idea of us being heirs of the father.


The message takes it roots from the stories of Elijah and Elisha. Elijah in how he declared God is God to the people of his time, and Elisha in how he declared God is salvation through their names respectively. We then take a look at how Elijah and Elisha reflect John the Baptist and Jesus. Then Clive spurs us on towards more passion for Christ and what He asks of us, based on the life of Elisha. 

Heirs of the Father Pt. 1 - Clive Corfield
Heirs of the Father Pt. 2 - Clive Corfield
Messages from Clive
Messages from Joshua Corfield - Associate Pastor​



Joshua gives us a message starting out of Matthew 10:32. He challenges us to ask ourselves an honest question: what idols do we have in our life? He first shows us a video that asks us "does anybody even know that you are a christian?" He moves on to show us that God is more concerned with our heart than our actions.  


The reason David was so successful, despite his shortcomings,  was because he had a heart after God. 

Who's on your throne? Pt. 1 - Joshua Corfield
Who's on your throne Pt. 2 - Joshua Corfield
Messages from Joshua

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